Chief Information Security Officer


Chief Information Security Officer

Communicate Cyber Security in the Language of Business
Translate the impact of threats and vulnerabilities in financial terms - an intelligible language that the executive committee and the board understand and use to make decisions.

Remove the potentially catastrophic “Watermelon Effect” where red indicators are covered by a green overcoat simply because cyber security issues are too complicated to explain to non-specialists.
Prioritize Security Projects Based on Business Impact
Your resources are scarce, your time is counted and your budget constrained. In the meantime, the number of threats increases, as well as the number of connected assets becoming “cyber-assets”. Align yourself to business goals and allocate priorities on resources, time and budget in a way that is most effective in reducing risk.

XRATOR allows you to automatically identify and prioritize your risks, understand how risks evolve over time based on the effectiveness of your cybersecurity program or based on the emergence of new threats, and how they are trending against the risk appetite you defined
Justify the Value of Cyber Security Investments
Demonstrate the return on investment of your cyber initiatives, justify purchase requests and rightsize your budget according to the organisation’s risk objectives.

Gain visibility into your current cyber loss exposure and show what it is required to reduce risk to an acceptable level. Provide the executives and the board with alternative investments and decide together which one best meets desired security goals.

Drive better security operations by focusing on the issues that matter most to the bottom line. XRATOR shows which vulnerabilities and threats could cause the most financial damage to the organisation. It conducts cost-benefit analyses which allow you to compare the ROI of your various security investment options.