Chief Risk and Compliance Officer


Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

Translate Risk into the Language of Business
As a Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, you are accountable to the Executive Committee and The Board for enabling the business to balance risk and reward, and responsible for coordinating the organization's Enterprise Risk Management approach.

Whether strategic, reputational, operational, financial, or compliance-related, XRATOR allows you to set your program to manage the entire cyber risk lifecycle, integrate it into your enterprise risk management, assess risk scenarios across every aspect of the business, and understand the potential financial impact of cyber events.
Communicate Cyber Risk in Financial Terms
Standardize the measurement, management and communication of cyber risk in the financial language that Executive Committee, Board members, IT audit and regulators understand and use as a basis for their decision-making.

Assess and prioritize top risks according to their business impact, and define risk appetite in clear terms so that your organization can measure how well it is managing cyber risk against defined risk objectives.
Enable Compliance and Cost-effective Decision Making
As a CRCO, you need to balance risks with financial, investment, insurance, personnel and inventory decisions to obtain an optimum level for stakeholders.

Provide all stakeholders with visibility into your organisation's top risks and into the effectiveness of various risk mitigation options. Allow them to make informed decisions and fulfill their governance obligations, whether it is through prioritising the most cost-effective investment, approving risk appetite statements, or signing off security policy exceptions.