Because of Covid-19, 2020 and 2021 have been particularly trying times that brought serious disruptions in the healthcare sector.

They have also accelerated digital initiatives, while cyber attacks continue to escalate, leading to new levels of cyber risk. Sadly, hospital ransoming and patient file leaks regularly make the news.

In Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America, regulators now require accurate and thorough risk assessments to prove that security measures are sufficient to reduce risk to reasonable levels.

This is challenging to demonstrate under qualitative methods and frameworks.


Cyber Risk Quantification allows healthcare organisations to prioritise and justify their cyber security investments.

XRATOR SaaS comes with risk scenarios that cover cyber threats and loss events which are top-of-mind for healthcare CISO and CRO, like ransomware or PHI/PII data breach.

Your risk analysts can now show your risk and threat landscape with speed and clarity.