Referral Partners

As a Referral Partner, you act as a sales agent of XRATOR. We hold the contractual relationship with the customer and pay you a referral fee. You have direct access to sales, marketing and technical XRATOR resources to accompany you, at your request, at any stage of your relationship with the customer.

As a member of the XRATOR Partner Network, you will benefit from a fee calculated as a percentage of the selling price to the customer. At an early stage of the sales cycle, we will record you in our Lead Registration system. Once the lead is “sales-qualified”, at a later stage, we will move you to our Deal Registration system, commanding a higher fee.

The XRATOR Partner Portal is the hub for everything a partner needs to grow their business with XRATOR. This is also where you register your Leads and Deals, track your XRATOR revenues and your progress to the next Partner Tier.

XRATOR offers sales enablement in the form of on-demand courses designed to onboard sales and technical teams.