Information Technologies


Technology companies are constantly competing to bring new and innovative products to market. They’re also built on data and analytics. However, technological advancement brings additional risks that organisations must be able to identify, measure, and prioritise.

Sometimes, risk management and cybersecurity take a backseat to product development, seen as a hindrance to fast product development and release to the market.

As a Technology company CISO or CRO, your aim is to add value to the product development process by balancing product speed to market with security.

For sure, you won’t be relying on subjective risk ratings to allocate security resources, but will make your security investment decisions based on quantitative risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis. And you don’t want to limit yourself to scoring computers, mobile devices, websites and employees, but would also like to rate data centres, buildings, IoT and suppliers.


With XRATOR SaaS, determine loss exposure associated with new engineering efforts to go to market fast with an acceptable amount of risk.

Provide cyber risk guidance to product and engineering executives, from analyses covering issues like privacy and data breaches, emerging threats, suppliers’ exposure, or project investment decisions.