cyber attacks

With a forewarning of impending trouble, you can take the necessary measures to protect your systems and data, while a response to an event already in progress may only do little more than contain it. 

Discover the benefits of implementing a proactive and preventive risk management strategy instead of solely rely on detection-based system.

XRATOR | Conquer your risk

You cannot ask a cybercriminal to leave you business in peace, attacking you is his business.

You can hinder their success

The main benefits of strategic risk foresight is the significant reduction of the likelihood being even attacked. Many cybercriminals automate their tasks, seek for quick gains. They design attack to target systems that holds known vulnerabilities. A preventive risk management approach allows you to identify these weaknesses before an attacker does and eventually annihilate the consequences for the organization in case of an initial intrusion.

XRATOR | Conquer your risk

Very high ROI

Prevention is cheap and easy compared with response. The price of preventive measures is low compared to the price of reaction after the damage has occurred.

Investing in prevention is investing on business resilience instead of damage control.

renversable damage

Reversible damages

Some types of damage can't be undone even with the best response efforts, such as reputation or critical data loss.

Proactive risk management avoid damage that can't be fixed by detection & response alone. It is easier to get insured.

one winning receipe

One winning recipe

Adversaries updated their methods, spend time and money to evade detection, continuously creates new traps to fall into.

But they always use the same open doors. Closing the door is less exhausting than hunting for the intruder anywhere in the network.