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XRATOR Premium Services is a White-Glove approach to delivering the most suitable service. Customers who subscribe to our Ultimate plan receive discounted access to exclusive services.

Cyber Insurance: Gain visibility on your weaknesses that prevent you from becoming eligible for or to lower the cost of your Cyber Insurance Policy and be provided with a comprehensive improvement plan.

Cybersecurity Strategy: Inspire customer trust and confidence by safeguarding your Business Critical Information in less than a month.

External Audit: Get an independent and objective assurance and advice on the adequacy and effectiveness of governance and risk management.

IT/OT Assessment: Perform Offensive Security Testing on IT networks and Industrial networks.

Vulnerability Prioritization: Save money and time by prioritizing your vulnerability management program while boosting your cybersecurity posture at the same time. Implement a Risk-Based Vulnerability Management program in less than a month.

Shadow IT: Get visibility on your Shadow IT, understand the root causes of your employee practice and identify business opportunities.

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