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Discover how Preventive Cyber Risk Management costless is compared to detection solution and damage control.

Know your perimeter: Full visibility of your technical assets and how they are link to your Buildings, Business Units and Strategic Objectives. Gain a unique understanding of how your vision and missions are affected by Cyber Risks.

Vanish your flaws effortless: All the flaws leverage by cybercriminal are just a few click away from vanishing. Start a scan with basic IT knowledge, get your automated findings report with all the information you need to fix them. XRATOR SaaS makes Vulnerability Assessment 10x faster than manual assessment.

Comply to industry standards: Quantify your effort against industry standard and regulation framework to prioritize your effort and budget. No more excel-based cyber security.

Governance made easy: Leverage Policies & Procedures templates to set up your Risk Management strategy in just a few days. Centralize all your documentation to make it easier for auditors, regulators and insurers to witness your maturity.
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