Align Your Attack Surface with Critical Business Impacts

XRATOR’s Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) platform empowers IT Security Teams with critical insights into their external, internal, and cloud attack surfaces, automating the alignment of security initiatives with business impacts and up-to-date threat intelligence.

XRATOR Operator interfaces.

Focus on Strategic Vulnerabilities, Not Just Noise

IT Security Teams are often swamped with managing expansive attack surfaces and juggling numerous vulnerabilities, which can overshadow strategic risk management efforts. The real challenge lies in effectively identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating vulnerabilities before they become exploitable threats. 

XRATOR | Conquer your risk

Comprehensive Asset Discovery

Achieve a deep, real-time understanding of your full asset landscape, ensuring no element of your internal, external, and cloud attack surface is overlooked.

XRATOR | Conquer your risk

Intelligent Vulnerability Management

Employ XRATOR's advanced scanning and prioritization, focused on actual business and threat landscape risk rather than pure technical severity.

Quantify your Risk

Integrated Business Impact Analysis

With direct linkage of technical vulnerabilities to business impact metrics, translate cyber exposure into financial loss to improve strategic decision-making.

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Scot Mason – CISO

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The XRATOR platform has been a game changer to our preventive cyber security strategy by helping us identify and mitigate potential threats. It allows us to grow at a rapid pace without compromising the security of our customers’ data. And the platform integrates seamlessly with our existing infrastructure.

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Our Corporate Certifications

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Label Initiative Remarquable

The Cyber Essentials, delivered by Singapore Cyber Security Agency, recognize that the XRATOR has put in place good cyber security practices to protect our operations and our customers against cyber-attacks.

Recognized by the Label Initiative Remarquable, XRATOR stands out for its responsible business practices and Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to societal, environmental, and local economic improvement.



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