Optimize Budget and Insurance

Cyber Risk Quantification

Make data-driven decisions by quantifying cyber risks. Improve your cybersecurity budget, insurance premiums, and risk mitigation strategies with precision.


Quantifying Risks, Optimizing Investments

Harness the benefits of cyber risk quantification to streamline your resource allocation, risk mitigation, and insurance premium optimization.

Quantify your Risk

Quantitative Risk Analysis

We quantify cyber risks along Business Units, providing a clear, data-driven basis for strategic decision-making.

Budget Optimization


Understand your cybersecurity spend effectiveness. Allocate your resources where they can make the most impact.
Cyber Insurance Price Reduction

Insurance Premium Reduction

By accurately assessing your cyber risks, you are armed to reduce your cyber insurance premiums.

Reduce attack costs

Prioritized Risk Mitigation

We prioritize your risk mitigation efforts based on quantified cyber risk, ensuring effective use of resources.

How it works

Translating Cyber Risks Into Tangible Metrics


Asset Discovery & Vulnerability Detection
we use advanced techniques to identify and inventory all your assets – both internal and external. We then scan these assets to detect vulnerabilities. You can even integrate your Penetration Testing or Bug Bounty reports.


Business Impact Assessment
Once we’ve identified vulnerabilities, we evaluate the potential business impact of each one. We consider factors such as the asset’s criticality, the severity of the vulnerability, and potential damage for the organization if exploited.


Cyber Risk Computing
We calculate for each of your cyber asset a CyberScore and aligned it with your organizational structure. You get both a global vision and a granular knowledge of your risk distribution inside your Business Unit and how it impacts your strategic objectives.


Risk-Based Prioritization
Prioritize risk mitigation efforts based on quantified risks, focusing resources where they matter most. Achieve quick win to clean your network before an insurer diligence.


Comprehensive Dataroom 
Easily and securely share compliance status and proofs with insurers. Create dedicated Trust Zone, select the level of visibility and gives to the viewer the level of information they need.

Ready to Quantify Your Cyber Risks?

See how our Cyber Risk Quantification can transform your approach to cybersecurity budgeting, insurance optimization, and risk mitigation.

Optimize your Cyber Protection

Relying solely on cyber insurance as a means of protection is insufficient. Cyber insurance serves as a crucial safety net, covering financial losses from breaches and cyber attacks, but it doesn’t prevent these incidents from occurring. That’s where the comprehensive approach combining XRATOR Operator, XRATOR AutoComply, penetration testing, and Red Team exercises becomes indispensable.

XRATOR Operator helps businesses manage and prioritize cyber vulnerabilities effectively. By assessing and quantifying risks based on their potential impact on business operations, it ensures that resources are allocated wisely to areas of greatest need. This proactive stance on vulnerability management is crucial for minimizing risks before they can be exploited.

XRATOR AutoComply complements this by streamlining compliance with data protection and privacy laws. It automates the process of maintaining standards such as GDPR, enhancing a company’s posture against data breaches and the associated regulatory penalties. This automation not only saves time but also ensures that compliance is continuously maintained, a factor that can significantly affect the coverage and cost of cyber insurance policies.

Penetration testing takes the proactive approach further by simulating cyber attacks to identify vulnerabilities in a controlled environment. This hands-on method provides deep insights into potential security flaws, offering an opportunity to remediate them before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

Red Team exercises offer an advanced level of preparedness, simulating full-scale cyber attacks to test the resilience of a company’s security infrastructure. This comprehensive testing ensures that all aspects of the cybersecurity framework, from technical defenses to employee response protocols, are robust and effective.

Together, these components form a multi-layered defense strategy that significantly reduces a company’s risk profile. Cyber insurance, while vital, cannot prevent the disruption caused by cyber attacks—it can only mitigate the financial impact. By investing in preventative measures like XRATOR Operator, XRATOR AutoComply, penetration testing, and Red Team exercises, businesses not only enhance their eligibility for better insurance terms but also demonstrate a commitment to comprehensive risk management. This global approach to cybersecurity acknowledges that prevention, readiness, and continuous compliance are equally as important as having a financial backup plan in the form of insurance. In the dynamic world of cyber threats, such a holistic strategy is not just advisable; it’s necessary for the resilience and long-term success of any organization.