Compliance as a Market Advantage

XRATOR AutoComply makes cybersecurity compliance a competitive edge, unlocking new markets and enabling you to meet and exceed contractual obligations.

XRATOR Autocomply - The Compliance Automation Platform

Compliance United

XRATOR AutoComply is a smart, interconnected system that enables seamless integration of compliance and security data across different departments in an organization, third parties and auditors.

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Smart Compliance Crossreferencing

Enhance your efficiency with our system that intelligently crossreferences proofs across all compliance standards.

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Trust Zone

Showcase your compliance certificate and evidence to third parties and auditors with easy and secure disposal options.

Interconnected Security Landscape

Create synergies between IT and Compliance Teams with AutoComply and Operator seamless integration .

The Compass of Compliance

Unleash the power of streamlined navigation through the vast sea of multiple compliance and regulations. Our specially curated features bring simplification, automation, and cross-functional unity, making your journey aligned to your strategic objectives.

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Our system intelligently links proofs across all compliance standards, minimizing duplication and enhancing efficiency.
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Integrate your cloud instances, repositories and cybersecurity tools to get a compliance perspective of your cybersecurity landscape.
XRATOR | Conquer your risk

Comprehensive Compliance Coverage

With a wide range of compliance standards covered, you can meet the demands of various regulatory bodies without needing multiple tools.


Our unique trust zone feature allows you to easily and securely showcase your compliance certificates and evidences to third parties and auditors.

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at Its Core

XRATOR AutoComply automates the process of evidence collection, making your compliance journey more efficient and less prone to human error.


XRATOR AutoComply enables you to perform dry audits effortlessly, preparing you for real audits and making sure there are no surprises when the auditors come knocking.