Red Team Exercise

XRATOR’s offensive security simulations  team is at your service to validate the effectiveness of your cyber-security system protecting your business and sensitive data. Get a realistic attack simulations to  assess your exposure to current threats and ability to protect your company.
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Our Certifications

Our offensive security team is composed of passionate certified professionals who simulate trending attacks and strategies of a real malicious actors to identify gaps in your security systems but also the awareness of the company's employees about cyber security.

Custom made Red Team Scenarios

Red Team Cyber Espionage

Cyber Espionage

Unlike criminals who look for data monetizing, state-affiliated or competing companies work on a long-term basis. They select a specific target and will try to compromise it until they have reached out the information they want to access. 

In this  scenario, XRATOR's red team will review the strength of your company against cyber-espionage by using common methods used by advanced attackers to simulate confidential data exfiltration and long term persistency in your IT system.

Red Team Insider attack

Insider Attacks / Privilege Abuse

People with inside access like interns, partners or unhappy employees can be a risk therefore have a huge impact on the company if they leverage their access to perform unapproved or malicious actions. 

In this scenario, the red team will act as a malicious actor that compromised credentials or an actual insider and will try to perform unauthorized actions to reach their objectives (break perimeters, lateral movements, privileges escalation, access sensitive applications…)

Red Team - Ransomware simulation

Ransomware Simulation

Ransomware attacks exploded in the past years and became a very lucrative business for organized crime.

Exfiltrating the data before encrypting them is allowing the attacker to obtain two leverages on the target forcing it to pay the ransom: having its own data back and not having its sensitive data leaked on the dark web.

Executing a ransomware  scenario will allow your company to test its digital resilience and Data Leak Prevention system in place.

Red Team - Physical Intrusion

Physical Intrusion

When network defenses are strong, it is often easier for attackers to perform physical attacks. In this case they will try to sneak into the company premises and then deploy a malicious devices to further compromize the company.  

In this scenario, XRATOR's red team will try to physically infiltrate the compnay's premises to evaluate its strength against physical intruders but also is employees capacity to detect and prevent malicious behaviors. 

Red Team Methodology

XRATOR’s Red Team follows a proven methodology and recognized standards in the offensive security community like MITRE ATT&CK and the Cyber Kill Chain to identify weak spots in your company’s security implementation.

We start with a reconnaissance phase where we collect information about your system and your company through open source research but also by crawling the Dark Web. We also use techniques such as port scanning, service identification, and custom made XRATOR tools to find sensitive data on sharing platforms such as StackOverflow or GitHub or misconfigured Cloud platforms.

Then, we use offensive intrusion techniques to gain access to your system by bypassing security controls such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems. We may also use social engineering techniques such as phishing to obtain confidential information and impersonate a legitimate user to gain initial access to your internal network.

Once we gain access to your system, we use stealthy custom tools to capture, exfiltrate and analyze sensitive data (passwords, contracts, source code, client database, etc.) from your system. It is also possible to simulate a massive data exfiltration and encryption, as a ransomware could do.

Red Team Arsenal

Red Team’s tools are varied and include a mix of modified open source and proprietary software (CobaltStrike, Metasploit, SSF, etc.), social engineering techniques and physical approaches.

Social engineering techniques include spear phishing, baiting, pretexting including psychological manipulation or impersonation of a legitimate user or executive to obtain confidential information.

Physical approaches can include copying employee badges or keys, impersonating employees and falsifying identities to gain physical access to secure areas.

Using these physical, digital, and social techniques, our Red Team can simulate a real attack and thoroughly test your company’s security.