Break the IT & Compliance silos

Advanced Compliance Automation

Simplify compliance management with our advanced automation. We bridge the gap between IT and compliance to enhance efficiency and regulatory alignment.

Get rid of the the IT-Compliance silos.

Proof-based Compliance

Experience a holistic approach that integrates IT and compliance, delivering real-time visibility and simplifying the compliance process.

Smart automated penetration services

Automated Proof Collection

Gather compliance proofs automatically from your IT infrastructure, reducing manual work, speeding up the compliance process.

One solution for all

Seamless Integration with IT

Break silos and ensure alignment between IT and Compliance teams. Our solution facilitates smooth, real-time information flow between both domains.

XRATOR | Conquer your risk

Easy Third-Party Disposal

Share compliance proofs and reports with third parties and auditors securely and conveniently, promoting  transparency and trust.

Reduce attack costs

Trust Zone

Reassure your stakeholders and your customers with visible proof of your commitment to security and compliance.

How it works

Automate Compliance. Simplify Processes. Break Silos.


IT Integration

Integrate IT infrastructure with AutoComply for automated proof collection. Connect through API your cloud configuration panel, your endpoint and network cybersecurity manager, upload automatically any change in your policy.


Smart Scope definition
With just a few information about your environment and your scope definition, the solution automatically select the control points relevant to your context so you can focus only on what matter in your case.


Accelerated completion
AutoComply collects proofs from integrated IT sources, correlates them with controls points across all major compliance and regulatory frameworks and maintains a real time updating compliance status.


Comprehensive Dataroom 
Easily and securely share compliance status and proofs with third parties and auditors. Create dedicated Trust Zone, select the level of visibility and gives to the viewer the level of information they need.


Custom Frameworks
AutoComply correlates proofs with controls points across all major compliance and regulatory frameworks, and allows you to create your own catalog to integrate your policies, guidelines and contractual clauses.

Ready to Break IT-Compliance Silos?

Experience first-hand how our advanced compliance automation can simplify your processes, enhance alignment, and reduce your compliance burden.

How XRATOR helps SMBs with Compliance Automation

Mid-sized businesses face the dual challenge of navigating complex cybersecurity threats while ensuring strict adherence to compliance standards. This interaction between security and compliance often leads to the emergence of IT-compliance silos, where efforts in one domain are isolated from the other, leading to inefficiencies and increased vulnerability. XRATOR’s innovative solutions, XRATOR Operator and XRATOR AutoComply, are designed to dismantle these silos, offering a unified, efficient approach to managing cybersecurity risks and compliance obligations.

XRATOR Operator is a game-changer for mid-sized businesses, integrating Risk-Based Vulnerability Management, Cyber Risk Quantification, and Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management into one comprehensive strategy. This integration addresses the core issue of IT-compliance silos by providing a centralized platform where cybersecurity actions are perfectly aligned with business priorities. By prioritizing threats based on their impact on the business, XRATOR Operator ensures that resources are directed towards mitigating the most critical vulnerabilities, thereby enhancing cyber resilience with minimal operational disruption. This not only simplifies the complex landscape of digital threats but also ensures that cybersecurity efforts are directly contributing to the company’s strategic goals, eliminating wasteful expenditure on low-impact risks.

Complementing XRATOR Operator, XRATOR AutoComply transforms compliance from a daunting task into a strategic advantage. It bridges the gap between security and compliance teams by facilitating the seamless integration of compliance and security data. This interconnected security landscape eradicates IT-compliance silos, fostering collaboration between departments and enhancing overall efficiency. AutoComply’s smart compliance cross-referencing feature intelligently links proofs across all compliance standards, significantly reducing redundant efforts and streamlining the compliance process. This feature is particularly beneficial for mid-sized businesses, allowing them to navigate the complexities of multiple regulatory requirements with ease and ensuring comprehensive compliance coverage without the need for numerous tools.

Furthermore, AutoComply’s automation core drastically simplifies the evidence collection process, making compliance more efficient and reducing the risk of human error. This automation extends to audit preparedness, where businesses can conduct dry audits to identify and rectify any gaps before facing real audits, ensuring a smooth compliance journey.

By dismantling IT-compliance silos, XRATOR’s solutions empower mid-sized businesses to achieve a harmonious balance between cybersecurity and compliance. This synergy not only secures the digital assets and data of businesses but also positions them to unlock new markets and exceed contractual obligations confidently. In essence, XRATOR Operator and AutoComply offer mid-sized businesses a comprehensive, integrated approach to overcoming the challenges posed by IT-compliance silos, enhancing their cyber resilience and compliance posture with minimal operational disruption and maximal strategic alignment.entanglement