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Architecting Secure Futures: Unified, Proactive, Global

In a world where technology intertwines with every aspect of life, we pioneer serenity in cyberspace, fostering a fair and resilient future for all.

Guiding organizations to seize control over their cybersecurity threats, we leverage differentiative AI and automation to deliver customized risk foresight and inspire collaboration, thereby providing practitioners with a renewed sense of purpose.

XRATOR | Conquer your risk

Our Story

The genesis of XRATOR emerged from a shared conviction. Nicolas, previously a Chief Security Officer navigating intricate cybersecurity cyber-physical challenges; François, a CTO wrestling with skill shortages while managing a deluge of customer requests in a Singaporean penetration testing company; and Ronan, a Cyber Threat Intelligence Researcher refining AI for scaling cyber threat modus operandi analysis. Our collective revelation: to dispel the persistent barriers within the cybersecurity landscape across all organization’s function and construct a unified, comprehensive cyber defense solution.

Our journey started with the creation of a platform capable of collecting, mapping, and scoring a myriad of security data. Founded in France in November 2020, it was an ambitious project, designed to expose optimal paths of intrusion, enlighten security postures, and empower our clients with foresight. This venture soon caught the attention of a significant client in Singapore, and we expanded our operations in Spring 2021. However, it soon dawned on us that this was just the tip of the iceberg. We found ourselves at the helm of an industry revolution – an evolution towards a proactive, unified cybersecurity approach.

The Problem We Aimed to Solve

Our industry was a maze of silos. Cybersecurity, with its myriad specialties, seemed to operate in its own bubble, detached from the organizational fabric. The communication gaps, both horizontal and vertical, were glaring. We saw departments struggling to align with each other, technical jargon thwarting understanding, and a palpable disconnect between specialists and executives. The knowledge gap only compounded the issues. As technology and science sprinted ahead, the path from novice to knowledgeable was growing exponentially.

Our Evolution

The focus of our vision expanded, cascading from the intricate paths of cyber attacks, through the interconnected web of cybersecurity teams, beyond the complex structures of entire organizations, and out into the wider world. We found ourselves steering an industry revolution, a shift from reactive to proactive, from isolated to unified, from local to global. 

As we gaze towards the horizon, we see the ripples of our actions echoing far beyond the confines of the cybersecurity realm. We are not just shaping the future of cybersecurity, but of societies, economies, and ultimately, the world of 2050 and beyond. In this world, technology intertwines with every aspect of life, and the cybersecurity solutions we pioneer today will be the safeguards that ensure a future free from the grip of organized crime, fostering a global society that is fair, just, and resilient.

Our Solution

At the surface, we operate in a similar vein to others, guaranteeing seamless compatibility with established methodologies and frameworks. 

Beneath this layer, we’ve reimagined the fundamental cybersecurity infrastructure. Our goal is to dismantle the silos that have long impeded progress, without disrupting the existing organizational structure. Utilizing automation and AI, we liberate our users from mundane tasks, enabling them to tackle high-value, stimulating challenges, infusing their work with renewed purpose. 

Our approach is clear – we consolidate information, encode it into a universal language, decode it to match the user’s vernacular, and provide personalized tools and workflows that fit each individual like a second skin. Our aim is to morph cybersecurity from a segregated function into a fluid, cohesive, and far-reaching ecosystem.