Cybersecurity Partnership for Managed Services

Maximize the potential of your cybersecurity offerings with our cutting-edge SaaS solutions. Specializing in external attack discovery, RBVM, and compliance automation, we provide the tools you need to maintain a perimeter free of vulnerabilities. Discover our Cybersecurity Partnership for Managed Services to enhances your service portfolio and adds value to your clients in IT outsourcing, CISO-as-a-Service, SOC operations, and cyber insurance brokerage.

Cybersecurity Partnership for Managed Services​

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Cybersecurity Partnership for Managed Services Use Cases

Enhance your service offerings with our Cybersecurity Partnership for Managed Services. Our expertise in external attack discovery, Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM), and compliance automation equips you with the essential tools to secure client perimeters comprehensively. Partner with us to expand your portfolio and deliver unparalleled value in IT outsourcing, CISO-as-a-Service, SOC operations, and cyber insurance brokerage.

Enabling scalable CISO-as-a-Service

Offering a tailored, comprehensive cybersecurity strategies across diverse client environments

The primary challenge that CISO-as-a-Service providers encounter is the need to offer tailored, comprehensive cybersecurity strategies across diverse client environments, often with varying risk profiles and compliance requirements. Balancing the customization of security measures with the efficiency of service delivery, all while ensuring each client’s unique cybersecurity needs are met, can be a significant pain point.

Build a scalable Cybersecurity Framework

Our cybersecurity solutions for CISO-as-a-Service are specifically engineered to alleviate these challenges by delivering a flexible, scalable cybersecurity framework. This platform enables CISOs to efficiently manage risk and compliance across different client ecosystems, significantly reducing the time and resources typically required to customize security strategies. By leveraging our platform, CISOs-as-a-Service can offer their clients a dynamic, adaptive cybersecurity posture that evolves in real-time with the threat landscape, ensuring robust protection and regulatory compliance. This approach not only enhances the security and confidence of their clients but also allows CISOs to concentrate on developing strategic, high-level cybersecurity policies and initiatives, thereby adding substantial value to their service offerings.

Elevating Client Trust and Expanding Service Offerings: A Success Story

One particular success story involves a retirement home client with highly sensitive data and stringent compliance standards. Utilizing our platform, the CISO-as-a-Service provider was immediatly able to identify and remediate a series of potential vulnerabilities that could have led to significant data breaches. Then, they move toward building a comprehensive cybersecurity baseline supporting the compliance obligation of the customer. The initial one year planning toward the security baseline was reduced to seven months.

Building upon this experience, the CISO-as-a-Service provider built a repeatable process and apply this methodology to its expanding base of customers. Until now, the healthcare client experienced zero breaches.


Cybersecurity Solutions for IT Outsourcing

Providing proactive cybersecurity solution with limited resources

The main pain point that IT outsourcing companies face is the challenge of providing comprehensive, proactive cybersecurity services to their clients within the constraints of limited resources and rapidly evolving digital threats. They need to ensure that their clients’ digital perimeters are secure, not just today but continuously, against a backdrop of an ever-expanding threat landscape. This requires a level of agility, insight, ease-of-use and precision that traditional cybersecurity measures often fail to deliver.

Automate and Simplify Vulnerability Management

Our cybersecurity solutions for IT outsourcing are designed to directly address these challenges by offering a platform that automates and simplifies the process of vulnerability detection and management. With features like real-time vulnerability detection and intelligent prioritization, our platform enables IT outsourcing firms to deliver on the promise of comprehensive cyber defense efficiently. By focusing resources on the most significant threats and vulnerabilities, outsourcing firms can optimize their cybersecurity efforts, reduce operational costs, and enhance client trust. This streamlined approach not only improves security outcomes but also allows IT outsourcers to scale their services and take on more clients without compromising the quality of their cybersecurity offerings.

Maximizing Efficiency and Client Satisfaction: A Success Story

One notable success involved a client in the financial sector with stringent compliance requirements and a high risk of targeted cyber attacks. Within weeks of deploying our platform, the outsourcing firm identified and remediated a critical vulnerability that had gone unnoticed with previous security measures. This proactive approach averted what could have been a devastating data breach, saving the client potentially millions in compliance fines, loss of trust, and business interruption costs.

The outsourcing firm not only solidified its reputation as a reliable cybersecurity provider but also realized a 30% reduction in operational costs related to threat management. Clients have reported a significant increase in their satisfaction levels, citing peace of mind knowing their digital assets are under constant, vigilant protection. This success story has led to the IT outsourcing firm securing contracts with larger clients, substantially increasing their revenue and establishing them as leaders in the cybersecurity solutions space for IT outsourcing.

Continuous Engagement for Security Operating Center

The primary challenge for Security Operating Centers (SOCs) is the perception that they are predominantly reactive, stepping into action primarily in response to cyberattacks. This reactive nature can sometimes leave clients wondering about the continuous value SOCs provide, especially during periods of low incident activity. By integrating vulnerability detection and remediation oversight, SOCs can transition from a solely reactive posture to a more proactive and continuous engagement model, ensuring constant value delivery to their clients.

The value of Vulnerability Operating Center and Risk Supervision

Incorporating our SaaS solutions into SOC operations transforms the SOC role from reactive to proactive, offering continuous cybersecurity value. Our vulnerability detection and management tools enable SOCs to identify and address security weaknesses before they can be exploited, significantly reducing the risk of successful cyberattacks. This proactive approach not only enhances the security posture of client networks but also demonstrates ongoing value through consistent, measurable improvements in cyber resilience. By providing a continuous, transparent view of the security landscape and taking preemptive action, SOCs can reinforce client trust and satisfaction, ensuring clients are not only protected but also well-informed about their security standing.

Transforming SOC Perception: A Success Story

A significant breakthrough came with a defense sector client, historically plagued by sophisticated cyber threats. By utilizing our platform, the external SOC not only detected a critical, previously unnoticed vulnerability but also guided the client through a successful remediation process well before any exploitation occurred. A week later, according to specialized press coverage, this vulnerability was the top exploited vulnerability and entered into the infamous Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog (CISA KEV). This preemptive action prevented what could have been a devastating data breach, saving the client millions in research and development loss, reputational damages and regulatory fines.

The impact of this success was twofold: the client experienced a tangible improvement in their security posture, solidifying their trust in the SOC’s capabilities, while the SOC itself showcased the value of proactive security management. As a result, the SOC witnessed a surge in client retention and acquisition, attributing to a 15% growth in revenue. Clients appreciated the shift towards a more dynamic, value-driven security service, positioning the SOC as a leader in proactive cybersecurity solutions.

Optimizing Cybersecurity for Insurance Brokers

Cyber insurance plays a crucial role in modern risk management strategies, providing a safety net against the financial fallout from cyber incidents. Unlike traditional insurance types, cyber insurance covers losses from digital threats—ranging from data breaches to cyber extortion. For cyber insurance brokers, the challenge extends beyond matching organizations with suitable insurance policies; it involves actively contributing to the enhancement of clients’ cybersecurity postures.

Evolving Threat Landscape and Continuous Posture Improvement

In a digital ecosystem where adversarial threats like ransomware attacks and data theft are increasingly common, the cybersecurity posture of an insured organization is as dynamic as the threats it faces. An ideal cyber insurance broker understands this and adopts a dual role: insurance advisor and cyber risk manager. This involves not just providing insurance coverage but also guiding clients toward stronger cybersecurity practices, reducing their risk profiles over time.

Our platform empowers cyber insurance brokers with the tools needed to assume this comprehensive role effectively. By offering detailed insights into clients’ vulnerabilities and compliance levels, brokers can go beyond policy matching to advise on specific cybersecurity improvements. This approach not only ensures clients are appropriately covered but also actively contributes to reducing their vulnerability to attacks, thereby affecting policy premiums and coverage terms positively.

Success Story: A Paradigm Shift in Cyber Risk Management

 A transformative example is seen in our collaboration with a small regional cyber insurance broker who leveraged our platform to redefine their client engagement model. Faced with a mid-sized prospect in the agri-food sector the broker used our platform to conduct a thorough cybersecurity gap analysis, identifying critical vulnerabilities and key gaps in the cybersecurity baseline.

Armed with this data, the broker worked closely with the client to implement targeted cybersecurity enhancements, significantly lowering the client’s risk profile. As a result, the client not only secured a more favorable insurance policy but also fortified its defenses against potential cyberattacks.

This proactive approach fostered a deeper partnership between the broker and their client, with the broker transitioning from a policy provider to a day-to-day trusted cybersecurity advisor. The success story exemplifies the profound impact that a mature, realistic cyber insurance solution can have on improving clients’ cybersecurity posture while aligning insurance coverage with actual risk exposure.


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