Slide Quantify Cyber Risk XRATOR is a Cyber Risk Quantification and Analytics SaaS for Enterprises and Mid-size businesses to address their Risk Analysis, Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance needs Slide Conquer Your Risk With XRATOR SaaS, conquer your risk in 3 simple steps:
1. Quantify Risk
2. Activate a Remediation Plan
3. Capitalise Knowledge
Before critical events occur
Slide Score Asset Security Level, Estimate Financial Impact XRATOR SaaS integrates the financial impact of risk management, remediation, and knowledge capitalisation. Communicate the threats your company faces, relying on a scoring comprehensible to anyone Slide Get Eligible to Cyber Insurance Detailed risk scoring and remediation plans make it easier for your company to apply to cyber insurances. Provide tangible data to get coverage on network security, theft and fraud, forensic investigation, business interruption, data loss and restoration, extortion, and reputation.

Intuitive Software-as-a-Service
for Cyber Risk Quantification

XRATOR is a Cyber Risk Quantification and Analytics SaaS that allows Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Risk Officers and Chief Financial Officers of mid-size businesses, large enterprises, and governments to address their Risk Analysis, Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance needs


Remote Technical Assessment

Configure and schedule your scanner to discover assets and vulnerabilities anywhere

Integrated Asset Management

Organize, enrich, scores and browse your asset inventory and identify your crown jewels.

Smart Remediation

Best-practice and intelligence-driven recommendation to minimize identified risks

Why Quantify Cyber-Risk?



What main problems does XRATOR solve?
XRATOR enables CISO, CRiskO or anyone in charge of the security of an IT infrastructure to manage its cyber risk. You will be able to discover the vulnerabilities of your internal network without any installation, track the progress of fixes per assets and capitalize the remediation steps. XRATOR will daily alert of new vulnerabilities affecting your assets. Our automated rating assessment based on our expertise and public information will help you to decide which vulnerabilities to fix in priority.
What do I need to install to use XRATOR?
Nothing! XRATOR enables you to scan your internal network without deploying a new server or installing anything on your premise. Xrator provides a portable application that connects to our scanners when it runs. You only need to allow UDP outbound traffic. All manageable via the dedicated web interface.
Will XRATOR create a security breach on my network?
XRATOR will create a dedicated and isolated container for each scan which will be destroyed when the scan is complete. The communication between our mobile application and our servers is using state-of-the-art cryptographic standards. Plus, you have full control over the mobile application.
How does XRATOR help me enhance my productivity?
XRATOR provides a custom risk analysis based on industry standards and the information coming from your own infrastructure. It provides a knowledge database of technical articles and specific remediation steps for each type of well-known Operating System/Application. You will assign to your engineers their network portion to be remediated and easily track what has been done to build your own personal knowledge database.

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    Keep an acurate view of the weaknesses in your network, get precise recommendations to improve your security level.