Business Executives


Business Executives

Cyber Risk is Business Risk
It is key for Business Executives to understand the potential impact of cyber attacks in financial terms to aid in business decisions and digital initiatives.

When it comes to setting a cyber risk appetite, supervising cyber security effectiveness, understanding effects of cyber risk on financial performance, and ultimately getting covered by cyber insurance, a qualitative approach won't suffice.

XRATOR Cyber Risk Quantification allows executives to see top organizational risks, evaluate the impact of investments against those risks, track risk reduction over time and get their company covered by cyber insurance.
Define Your Risk Appetite
Provide clear guidance to your security team on what level of loss exposure is acceptable for them to build cost-effective security programs. With Cyber Risk Quantification, investments are justified based on their capacity to cost-effectively reduce risk to an acceptable level.
Get Cyber Insured
Cyber Risks are typically excluded from traditional commercial general liability policies or at least are not specifically defined in traditional insurance products because companies and insurers struggle to quantify this risk. Furthermore, entities considering cyber-insurance must undergo a series of often invasive security evaluation procedures, revealing their IT infrastructures and policies.

By providing detailed risk scoring and remediation plans, XRATOR Cyber Risk Quantification makes it easier for companies to subscribe to cyber insurances covering areas as diverse as network security, theft and fraud, forensic investigation, business interruption, extortion, reputation, data loss and restoration.