Attack Surface

Attack Surface Monitoring (ASM) refers to the process of monitoring an organization’s network perimeter exposed on the internet. XRATOR SaaS allows easy and continuous external surface assessment to reduce exposure to vulnerability, detect configurations errors and anticipate malicious changes to systems.

Attack Surface Monitoring

Increased Visibility
into your Security Posture

By keeping an eye on your external attack surface, you can ensure that no one will use your domains in any unauthorized or malicious ways. You can also ensure that none of your critical information are exposed publicly on the internet.  Detect proactively changes that could potentially introduce new vulnerabilities, identify vulnerabilities before an attacker exploit them and keep your perimeter under control. You can then make informed decisions on how to improve your security posture. 

Control Shadow IT

Control your Shadow IT

Shadow IT is when companies allow employees to use apps and services that are not known by IT. 

Those hidden ressources can be exposed on the internet. Ephemeral marketing or recruitment websites. Wild cloud repository with sensitive data

External attack surface monitoring can help by mapping external shadow IT resources related to an organization. This way, IT teams can monitor and control the use of such resources in order to minimize their risks.

Prioritize your security

Prioritize your security

Adversaries are continuously monitoring organizations' attack surface to find an opportunity to get in.

Monitoring continuously and investigating your organization's website and external assets for potential vulnerabilities and misconfigurations helps you to prioritize vulnerability management.

By removing security issues in your public internet presence, you significantly reduce the chance to be attacked and make it more difficult for adversaries to get in.

Secure your Brand

Secure your Branding

External attack surface monitoring provides visibility into critical assets such as your brand and typo-squatted domains that are a risk vector for targeted phishing campaigns.

Additionally, fewer security issues on your public internet presence help you maintain better SEO rankings by increasing your reputation and online accountability.

Finally, Cyber insurance due-diligence rely on benchmarking you online security to price their policy.

External Attack Surface Benefits